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Orthodontic Treatment Results

Transforming Smiles Across The Sacramento Valley

Teeth Crowding (Adult)

This adult patient came to us because she hated her smile.  She didn’t like how her teeth were crowded, uneven and yellow.  After properly aligning all her teeth, now she can clean them better and doesn’t have to worry as much about future periodontal problems.  She also loves the way they look and can’t stop smiling!

Invisalign: Teeth Crowding (Teenager)

This wonderful teenager came to our practice wanting a smile that she was more confident about. With hard work by the Nor Cal Orthodontics team, she now has a beautiful, healthy smile that has given her renewed confidence! She’s ready for High School!


Braces: Teeth Crowding (Teenager)

This patient came to us with narrow arches and crowding.  After 20 months in braces we were able to widen the arches and give her a beautiful, healthy smile!  Now she’s more confident than ever to start High School!

Crowding and Open Bite (Youth)

This 9 year old girl had a mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth and didn’t like to smile because of all the crowding.  After 14 months in braces, we were able to make space for everything and give her a beautiful smile and a healthy bite.  Her confidence has soared and she loves her teeth!  We can’t wait to finish her phase 2 treatment when all her permanent teeth come in. 

Invisalign: Teeth Crowding (Teenager)

This teenager was really hesitant to smile when he came to see us.  We created a beautiful, confident smile for him with clear aligners, and now he loves to smile!

Severe Teeth Crowding (Youth)

This was an awesome early tx case! Our team treated her with an expander and limited braces for 12 months. This allowed us to open the necessary space to get her upper front teeth in nice and straight. Now she’s set up really well for phase 2 treatment when all the permanent teeth erupt. We begin screening for early treatment at age 7 as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists. Not every child in this age group needs treatment, but those who do can benefit greatly!