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Emergency Orthodontic Care

We prioritize emergency cases and strive to schedule appointments quickly to address your concerns

Don’t let an orthodontic emergency disrupt your journey to a beautiful smile. Contact Nor Cal Orthodontics in Citrus Heights immediately, and let our experts provide the emergency care you need. Your comfort and oral health are our top priorities.

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Common Orthodontic Emergencies

We understand that orthodontic emergencies can be stressful, we are committed to alleviating your discomfort and ensuring your smile stays on track.

orthodontic emergency citrus heights

If a bracket comes loose or a wire breaks, it can cause irritation and discomfort. Call us immediately for guidance on how to address the issue until you can visit our office.

orthodontic emergency fair oaks

A loose band or other orthodontic appliance needs attention to prevent further complications. Contact us right away, and we’ll schedule a prompt appointment to address the problem.

orthodontic emergency roseville

Persistent pain or discomfort may indicate an issue with your orthodontic appliances. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that we can assess the situation and provide relief.

What to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency


Trusted Across the Sacramento Valley

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Dr. Plewe and his team have been exceptional throughout my orthodontic journey. From my first consultation to the final day of treatment, I felt well-cared for. Dr. Plewe's expertise and personable approach made me confident in my choice. I'm thrilled with my new smile!
Sarah L.
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I can't say enough about the fantastic experience I've had at NorCal Orthodontics with Dr. Plewe. He and his staff made having braces as an adult a breeze. They were always attentive to my concerns, and the results speak for themselves. My teeth have never looked better!
Mark B.
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Dr. Plewe is a true professional who takes time to explain every step of the treatment process. I appreciated the transparency and how he worked with me to create a personalized plan. The atmosphere in the office is welcoming, and the entire team is top-notch. Highly recommend!
David L.
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I couldn't be happier with my experience at NorCal Orthodontics under the care of Dr. Plewe. The entire journey was efficient, comfortable, and the results are astounding. Dr. Plewe's commitment to achieving the perfect smile is truly commendable. Thank you, Dr. Plewe and team!
David G.
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Dr. Plewe is not only a skilled orthodontist but also incredibly patient and understanding. He worked with me to address my specific orthodontic needs and concerns. The support from his team made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. I can't thank them enough for my beautiful smile!
Lisa E.